Looking back, now that we've been in our home six months, the process not only was terrific, the result is even better. Most amazingly of all, at the end of the process, we view you warmly as friends. Not all clients would say that about their builders.

There is a sense of organization & professionalism at KD which I know can only come from the top and it provides a great level of comfort for the unpredictable process of building.

My wife Sheryl & I love our KD house. Planning & working with Lance is like having a relative in the construction industry. Lance’s integrity, honesty & availability to turn our dream home into a reality continues to be a source of comfort & pleasure as we live & enjoy our home every day.

For us, building a new home was an overwhelming experience. Major decisions such as where to place the home on the property, changes to the original plans, where to extend ourselves and where to cut costs were made easier by your explanations, suggestions & direction. We were able to rely on your honesty & professionalism. We have enjoyed 5 years in our home & still look at Lance as not only a fine builder, but a trustworthy friend.

I found KD & Lance to be honest, straightforward, pragmatic & extremely easy to work with. KD paid attention to all of the details & completed the house to my specifications and satisfaction. If I was to build another house, I would only work with KD.

If you want your dream home built with quality, on time, and within your budget we recommend you choose KD. Integrity in everything they do coupled with commitment to your satisfaction is a winning combination.

KD did such a great job on the first house, we had them build our second.

Whenever I see a house that I like…I know it is a 'Kulick Development' home.

My husband and I are so happy with our home, the process was well worth it.

We are extremely pleased with the recent progress that has been made in our home, the professionalism and expert craftsmanship of your tradesmen is greatly appreciated. We cannot thank you enough for the care that you put into your work.

There is only one builder in the area that I would trust to build my house. Having a house built by KD instantly increases the marketability and value of the home.

Carl Daniels

You worked with me five years ago on my house - I only want you to build my son's house now

John Pjtrnichai

Are you building the house over by the lake? I knew it right away, as I could tell from the style that it was your work. It is beautiful....